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About The Union


As members of the Cranston West community, the students of the Multicultural Student Union ensure representation and cultivate cultural appreciation for all. The Multicultural Student Union celebrates diversity and promotes social change. We welcome all students and come together to empower all individuals to build relationships within our school community.  Our goal is to make West an environment that focuses on unity.

 ̈ Our lives begin to end the day we become silent  about things that matter.¨ - Martin Luther King Jr. 

The past of MCSU

The Multicultural Student Union started in Spring of 2019 with the vision of creating a space for students to discuss their backgrounds and understand other cultures and traditions. Since then, MCSU has witnessed a rise in members from all ethnicities. In the Winter of 2019, the union had its first Cultural Food Night, where students brought their favourite, traditional, home cooked meals for the rest of the group. At an educational level, we have successfully increased awareness on minority ethnicities and have influenced educators at West to ascertain their students’ respective cultural beliefs. Overall, the Union is proud of its prior accomplishments and strives to attain its goal of ethnic awareness.


'We the People of Generation Z' written and presented by Emily Durigan. This poem was submitted to the "I, too, Am The Dream" contest for the Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream, and resulted in Emily being chosen as one of the top fifteen participants around the country. Emily's poem acts as a perfect model for what the union strongly believes in: Generation Z.

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